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NOVA FURNISHING started out in 2003 as a furniture retail shop that brings stylish, comfortable and affordable furniture to our fellow Singaporeans.

In 2013 NOVA has successfully entered the Malaysian retail market with 2 outlets in Johor and Kuala Lumpur.

As of now, NOVA is one of the leading One-Stop Furniture & Furnishing retailers with 4 mega branches with a combined area of more than 60,000 square feet of furniture on display in Singapore.

Exclusive Design

Mixture of imagination, experience and professionalism is the secret of our design!


We are proud of our amicable, professional and always developing team


We produce furniture to fulfill needs of all people and offer it at affordable and fair prices.

What Our Clients Say About Us!

We have won a TV! 🎉🤩 Thnk you Nova Furnishing Pte Ltd for the Lucky Draw prize. This TV has definitely come at the right moment for our new home that will be ready in 3 months time. 

Frankly, we were just window shopping at Nova Factory Outlet that day. But we ended up walking out of the store with a handful! We are so glad that we have Joelle Yeo attending to us that evening. She has been very attentive to us, accommodating our needs, and had gave us some pretty good recommendations and advices. Thnk u!

- Justin Too

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All Videos

All Videos
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Italian Sofa - Nova Furnishing

Italian Sofa - Nova Furnishing

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Nova Furnishing - Furnishing Your Life Lovingly

Nova Furnishing - Furnishing Your Life Lovingly

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Nova Grand Opening

Nova Grand Opening

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Nova Furnishing l Product Feature - Calzone Dining Table

Nova Furnishing l Product Feature - Calzone Dining Table

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