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Furniture in 2019 – Must Haves (Living Room)

It’s 2019 and you might be wondering if there’s even a need on advocating the importance of having the Must Haves for one’s home. We are here to share

Do you know that by having this simple furniture will liven up your home and improve your quality of living?

Let us walk you through what is essential in one’s home, especially the living room!


The younger generation is giving it a miss as they moved on to their smaller screens or handheld devices for their source of entertainment. However, let’s not forget the setting of a living room, it will never be complete without a TV. The TV also helps to entertain your guests when they come over. The sight of messy wires might hinder one’s TV experience, and that’s where your TV console comes in. It comes in all shapes and sizes as it supports your TV perfectly while providing a hiding place for those dangling wires and double up as a storage space for your stuff.


Before the TV console sits a coffee table. They compliment each other well in terms of concept and style, It provides a place where your guest can place their drinks there instead of holding on to it. Most come with storage, or spaces beautiful enough to place your magazines and remote control. Enhance it with a rug to provide a cosy feeling.


The soul of the living room belongs to it. it comes in various length, sizes and configuration such as 3 +2, 2 + Chaise or simply L-shaped sofa. Corner sofas. depending on the size of your living room. A quality one really works wonder, alleviating your stressful body after a tiring day at work.

There is even some material which comprises of breathable material, to ensure coolness from your constant sitting. Come in different Upholstery, like fabrics, PVC or the most sought after leather ones


A beautiful dining set will really set the tone of the overall feel for your dining area, hence it is important to select one that matches your interior while ensuring enough space for your usual amount of diners. There is some dining table that can extend to fit more diners, which is a good innovation that maximizes space!

Hope you enjoyed reading this. If you haven’t already gotten these furniture yet, do visit our showrooms to get it now!

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Stay tuned for our next posts on our Children Edition and you will be amazed by those intricate designs for kids' furniture that we carry nowadays

See you!

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