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Body language says a lot about how you feel and even your personality.

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular ways to sit – it might reveal more than you think!

We took polls to ask you about your favourite seating positions, and the results are in!

Side Saddle

76% Yes | 24% No

Voted by you as by far the most popular reclining position, the side saddle is a surprisingly flirtatious pose! Sitting sideways with your legs together enhances their slender shape, although holding them close to you could say you’re unsure about opening up to a potential partner.

Sitting with your chest pointed towards a person, on the other hand, indicates interest and availability, but the knees say more than any part of your body! Sitting up or lying down, the direction of your knees indicates what is capturing your attention most.

Ankles Crossed

62% Yes | 38% No

More common than you’d think, sitting upright with crossed ankles is an indication that you’re holding something back. Similar to biting your lip, it’s an anxious movement – a way of stopping yourself from saying or expressing something.

This could mean your mind is on other things you’re unsure how to express. If your fists are clenched too, there’s an immediate issue on your mind.


57% Yes | 43% No

Everyone likes to lie back and relax, but did you know that a tendency to lean back on your arms suggests an analytical nature?

Leaning back to look at a situation means you like to see the bigger picture, and that you’re more likely to take in everything around you before making a decision.

More likely to think before you speak, you’re very aware of people’s emotions, with a strong ability to pick up on signals and the body language of others.

Leaning back

Legs Crossed

56% Yes | 44% No

Crossing your legs makes you physically smaller, meaning you may be used to giving other people more room in your life than yourself.

It can also indicate insecurity, but that meaning can change – it’s all in the knees! Sitting with your legs crossed and pointing towards a person indicates interest and involvement in the conversation, even if you’re not ready to completely open up.

Sitting with your knees pointing away from a person, however, indicates disinterest and possibly a need to protect yourself. Come and visit our stores to find out your favourite sitting position on a sofa, different sofa models will result in a different position that is comfortable. By the way, we are having a sofa promotion now. Click here to know more about it! #sofa #fabricsofa #leathersofa #

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