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ALL About Bed Frames In Singapore

To dispel the myth, all bed frames look almost the same and are build according to the size of the mattress that we have.

The difference in bed frames is what is known as the headboard. A headboard is a place where we rest our head when in a half lying down position when lying on a bed.

A divan is where the base of the bed frame is called when it is fully seated on the floor. So we will have specifications where how thick you want tour divan to be. eg a 4" divan will look Less classy than an 8" divan base.

I am not saying that the thicker the divan base is the better but is does looks better for divan bases to be around the range of 8" to 10".

We all know that the world is getting smaller. We see and hear people commenting that the size of their rooms for BTOs and new condominiums where space is really of their concern.

The essential furniture for a bed room are wardrobes and bedframes! So how?

At NOVA we are the storage bed specialists where we have a great variety of bed frames to offer, from the italian inspired ones, to Victorian styles, to those contemporary styles.

For those who love Scandinavian, you can look for us too as we customised bed frames that comes with storage space on the interior and a nice full looking divan base on the outside.